Founded with the philosophy of fine art promoters of more than one century ago, Visio Dell’Arte exhibits the works of artists legitimated to be part of the best high-profile elite of contemporary art. Chosen for their creative genius allied with an absolute mastering of their art, the artists we present perpetuate the cultural heritage with original and innovative creations, thus leaving indelible print in the history of art. Rising values of the contemporary art, the majority of our artists already gained an international recognition and their works appear in prestigious private collections and for some in famous museums. For all art lovers, our mission : Through our expertise, we give to discover the touching beauty of the creation of the most talented artists, masters of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Art and culture are the essential elements to ensure the continued existence of humanity. The artists have this incredible faculty of sharing their feel, their personal experience and their emotions. Through their inexhaustible creativity, they fill us with wonder and allow us to live moments of pure happiness. At the Visio Dell’Arte gallery, we look for the best. Well-known or emerging, what we consider important is their capacity, as real artists, to leave a indelible print in history of Art. This is why we exhibit side by side renowed artists and some «well established values» for the future. Our choices and selections are dictated by an expert and professional rigor recognized for a long time by collectors and enthusiastic art amateurs. Coups de coeur or investments, these artists will constitute profitable elements of heritage. But mainly, they will always make us vibrate by their innovation, their artistic mastering, their emotional force and the striking beauty of their artworks. COSMINA «...By her unclassifiable style, this artist touches a public of experts Article published in The Gazette Drouot N°40, 16 November 2012. CHHOUR consacrated by the press Remember his name, because he could well be the Chu Teh-Chun or the Zao Wou-ki of tomorrow Article in The Gazette Drouot N° 13, 30 March 2012. COSMINA is one of the revelations of the contemporary art’s scene Article published in The Gazette Drouot N°40,18 November 2011 book “Cosmina - Painting the invisible” 140 pages - ISBN 978-2-919309-05-4 on sale at the gallery.
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